Thursday, 12 December 2013

SNEAK App - (BAFTA nominated)

Sneak is a 2013 BAFTA nominated iOS game, brilliantly done done by Made in Me
I got on board since from the beginning, helping out with the concepts and most of all animating the characters along with Wip Vernooij and Nick Stoney. We had great fun doing it.

Check the link below to see how the app works:


Super Hero-Android Game said...

Sneak HD.What a superb idea for an application!A cross in the middle of hide and go seek and tag.We played it as a family,gma,Gpa, and 3yr old girl.Inside my iPad exists little monsters that We need to cajole out and capture/tag.In the wake of picking our bait,(more bait decisions show up after every beast tag) we are advised to run and hide.We should hold up quietly for the creature to show up on screen,however the anticipation is excessively for Chatty Cathy girl.So we must hold up until she's tranquil.Quite a while!Yet what fun viewing their energy!At long last the creature shows up and we are advised to quietly sneak up on him (right!) and tag the screen.A picture of the individual who in the long run gets him shows up.Simply excessively cute!There are 3 trouble levels.Monsters are cute! Heaps of fun!~Regina Harper.

Android apps locker free said...

Adorable game.That is such an extraordinary idea,vastly improved than having them with the iPad for quite a long time playing who comprehends what without moving at all.It's a really fun illustration of how a kids' app can be a piece of real-world play as well.

Lisa Moore.

Ilya said...

What a cute character.


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