Saturday, 1 August 2009

CDragon - CbBc Ident proposal - 2009

Back to early 2009 (during the apex of the economical crisis), I was watching to Cbbc channel with my son and had an idea: 'Lino, let's do something like that!' as he answered back: 'Yes we can!'

After a quick brainstorm, the ideas started popping out of my head, nothing brilliant to say I was proud of myself, but you know, it was a start. Then Lino came up with the brilliant idea you see below _ Damn it! He did it, he got the right spirit of the thing. Well, what else could I do after that, just dropped my ideas down to the bin and started working on it straight away (under agreement of splitting any profit 50/50)

Two weeks after that, the little tiny piece of animation was done, and we were happy with the result achieved. Ok, that was easy, the second step was not. Finding the right person to present it.

I went through all of my contacts and contacts of my contacts, sent several emails for quite a few people, but unfortunately it never happened for real. We got a few nice feedbacks though, even one from a producer directly involved in the project.

Anyway, best part of this project was to find out what great partner my son turned out to be!

PS.: the other video is just a simulation I did laying my bit over the real thing, only the dragon bit is mine.