Wednesday, 28 September 2011


First weeks of secondary school

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Land of Me

Such an amazing & sweet project made by wonderful people.
That's one of the coolest jobs I ever had the chance to work.

Find out more over there:

Dr Strangeglove Animated music

Producer: Jack McCall
Music by: Sanj
Voice: Ashley
Lyrics: Steve Cleverly

Direction: Wip Vernooij, Cako Facioli
Animation: Jeroen Jaspaert, Cako Facioli, Wip Vernooij

Car design: Trevor White
Illustration assist: Nick Stoney

All characters are existing designs from the Moshimonsters online game. (Copyright Mindcandy)

Jamie's Dream School

©2011 Channel 4

Advertising for the new Documentary series on Channel 4 lead by Jamie Oliver.

Directed by Marc Reisbig with the design of Hanne Berkaak for Passion Pictures.

Producer: Geraldine McCarthy

Project Manager: Helen Lord

Flash Animation:
Nick Appleton
Cako Facioli
Grigoris Leontiades

Sarah Juniper
Guillaume Cassuto

Giles Dill
Tim Divall
Anita Corcoran

Stephane Coedel
Celine Desrumaux

Anne Monnehay
Tim King

The Super Moshis

Produced by:
Wip Vernooij (Director/Animator)
Cako Facioli (Animator)
Daan Hendriks (Sounddesigner)

Royalty free music licensed by

Change for Life

Little animation test made as a pitch for "Change for Life" campaign at Passion Pictures in 2008

Nickelodeon Film Club

Passion Pictures 2007
Directed by Jerry Forder
Cako Facioli (part of the animation team)