Monday, 18 June 2012

Mr Snoodle - Do The Doodle

Client: Mindcandy Ltd
Music by: Sanj Sen
Lyrics: Steve CleverlyAnimation 
direction: Cako Facioli,Wip Vernooij
Animation: Norm Konyu, Cako Facioli, Jeroen Jaspaert
Compositing: Wip Vernooij

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Big Bad Bill is a Woolly Blue Hoodoo

The latest music video we produced for Moshi Monsters.

Client: Mindcandy Ltd.

Music by: Sanj Sen
Lyrics: Steve Cleverly
Animation direction: Wip Vernooij, Cako Facioli
Animation: Jeroen Jaspaert, Mel Northover, Jason Kotey, Cako Facioli
Compositing: Wip Vernooij