Thursday, 30 December 2010

Monday, 20 December 2010

Xmas post

It's been two years since I started working on this piece, then last week I finally managed to get it done.
This sculpture it's so meaningful to me, as it's based on a period of my son's life (from 7 to 9). At this time, for some reason, Lino got himself totally immersed into 1940's, to the point he decided to live as a IIWW boy, dressing up every day as an evacuee and carrying a cardboard box containing a gas mask I had to make to him, asking his mum to cook recipes from that time, not to mention the countless times we had to visit the Imperial War Museum. More impressively, he would ban himself from videogames and any electronic devices for weeks in a row! That era last 2 impressive and funny years, and I'm glad we even celebrated it at my birthday party asking our friends to come dressed as 1940's too. Check it here.
So well, I thought one day that it would be nice to make a sculpture from that character I was living with. After a few sketches I jumped into the clay model, but to get the mold and cast done took me a while as I was afraid to destroy my model in the process! Anyway, this is it ;)

Here you can see a bit more about each step of the process:
early sketches
previous post 2008
molding and casting
2 years celebration

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Late Halloween post

Before Xmas strikes us, nothing better than a Halloween post, isn't it?
My son, as a big Star Wars fan, asked me if I could make a
Sand People's costume for him this year. Thought it wasn't too tricky to make it, then I decided to have a go using whatever I could find to match all the parts from the original thing. Any sort of materials: yogurt pots, permanent pens, old bets, newspaper, balloon,even party blowers suited well. Charity shops and Poudland also proved to be a very good source and helped me a lot. It took me a good 3 or maybe 4 days to get it done.
Lino hadn't seen the mask until it was ready - as he was out traveling - when he got back I got the nicest and most rewarding call from him while I was at work. He was truly surprised and happy - that was a priceless day for me.
Well, now I can share with you a few nice pictures I took through the whole process plus a short film we (Kika, Lino, G. Lucas and myself) did for fun. Thanks for visiting

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