Sunday, 25 September 2011

Land of Me

Such an amazing & sweet project made by wonderful people.
That's one of the coolest jobs I ever had the chance to work.

Find out more over there:


hidden object games play online said...

Really great.Parents need to realize that The Land of Me is an interactive,educational story game told in six chapters.In every section,three animal friends visit one of six separate locations and participate in an action.At every area,kids are solicited a series from questions and their answers are reflected in the final product made at every area.Each of the six accessible chapters has additional hotspots to click, and crafts,coloring pages, and different exercises to download and print.The software is British,so American families ought to be arranged for some spelling differences that can be mistaking for early readers.
~Linda Smith.

Olivia said...

I like the environment created here.